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A message to DEM Blades subscribers

Dear everyone

COVID-19 has been incredibly damaging for so many people, and everyone’s lives have been disrupted. So, to talk about the impacts of the pandemic on the fanzine – which is ultimately a bit of paper – feels slightly crass. Nevertheless, a lot of Unitedites have paid for a subscription and I think we owe a bit of clarity to those people.

The DEM Blades season ticket 2020 promised to include 4x fanzines over the course of the calendar year. The first of those would have been Issue 5, which we almost managed to print in March, before lockdown measures came into force and our printers closed.

We could’ve changed printers to ensure we could move more quickly as lockdown measures were relaxed. But we do not feel it appropriate; it feels somewhat against the spirit of things to switch our custom at the drop of a virus.

However, this means we are some way down the queue as the printers get back up and running. And this means, of course, the fanzine is somewhat (VERY!) delayed.

Change to the subscription

We are committed to producing 4x fanzines for everyone who has subscribed. That isn’t changing. Nevertheless, the promise of 4x fanzines in 2020 is unfortunately one we will have to break.

We’re asking for your continued patience and understanding as we change the timescale of producing, printing and posting those fanzines. It is no longer feasible to create 4x 100-page publications before December 2020 and still maintain a level of quality.

New timescale

Instead of attempting to cram 4x fanzines into 2020 we will instead space the publications out over something closer to the football calendar of 2020-21. So, you will still get all 4x fanzines, you’ll just have to wait a little longer to get them.

The running order is going to look like this:

Thanks for your support

We hope our new timescale is okay with you, and we are sorry for the delay to proceedings this year. When you consider that COVID has halted the behemoth of the Premier League, an operation like ours was always going to be a struggle.

A huge thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the fanzine; thanks for your support and patience. Issue 5 of the fanzine is not far away, and we will work hard to ensure it drops through your letterbox as quickly as possible.

Many thanks, keep safe, and UTB!

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