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DEM Blades writing competition 2020

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The greatest (Blades) story ever told...

DEM Blades annual writing competition returns for a second year. With a £50 first-placed prize, plus the chance to see your work in print, it's time to channel your isolation blues into something creative.

This year we want to hear about the greatest story ever told. YOUR greatest story about an experience with Sheffield United Football Club.

Entrants are invited to submit an article of 1,000 words or less by the closing date of 1st June 2020

Entries should be sent by email to – with “writing competition” made obvious enough that we’ll notice it in the subject line

£50 to the winner + all entries considered for publication

Competition details


Entries will be assessed by a panel of storytellers. The judges will be Kate Burlaga (Deputy football editor, Sky), Danny Hall (Author: He's One of Our Own; We're not going to Wembley), and Phil Rose (blogger, fanzine contributor and Carrier Bag Firm (CBF) Psychological Operations).


To launch the competition we're sharing a great story. Something to get you thinking, and hopefully, get you writing. Phil Rose, competition judge and the Carrier Bag Firm's (CBF) Propaganda Czar, gives us one of the greatest stories he's ever told.


1. Your story - we are looking for great Blades stories but make sure you're allowed to tell it - if your idea involves your pals, then maybe ask them first or change their names!

2. We want to read something original - it's great to read pieces of work about famous promotions and relegations, BUT it's even better to read something totally unique, something we've never heard about before.

3. Less is more: if your story needs 1,000 words then, by all means, use them - but less can be more, and a short, sharp piece of writing is often better than something overly long. A good idea would be to get someone else to read your work and ask them which parts zinged and which parts could be cut.


  • Is entry free? Yes!

  • When's the deadline again? 1st June 2020

  • How long should it be? Less than 1,000 words.

  • What format shall I send it in? If we can copy and paste your words, you can send it how you like…by email ONLY! Word docs, or using the body of an email is preferable. No postal submissions, no PDFs. You can send images accompanying your work, but make sure they belong to you.

  • How does the judging work? Each judge will decide on their 3 favourite articles. Ranking them 1-3. The winner will receive the £50 prize, and the article will be published on All entries will be considered for publication in Dem Blades fanzine Issue 6.

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