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My First Game: Bramall batters White Hart

Updated: May 25, 2020

Richard Redman starts his fandom strongly with a drubbing of Spurs

Blades 6-0 Spurs

Stick it in theeyer’…not the first time that my Dad would ram the old red Cavalier up on the grass verge somewhere around Myrtle Road at the behest of my Grandad.

This was it for me, one of the first of many occasions the three generations would nip in the smoke-filled Sheaf ‘for one’, cue into the turnstiles on the right hand side of Cherry Street, have a couple of quid in the bookies (Usually Deano 2-1 would get you 16’s) and position ourselves on the same three seats on the same row of the same gangway (C).

The date was March 2nd 1993 and I was seven years old. I knew all of the players’ names, positions and the rather wacky manager with a southern accent, but this was the game where the claws were sunk into me, no going back, wild horses wouldn’t drag me from this club through thick, thin and thinner…

The Spurs defending was crap, so was the pitch, but this was a team full of internationals. The tackling was hard, the players were honest but the result was forever engrained. Jinking Franz Carr bagged from a corner along the ground from Glyn Hodges, Bryson bagged a couple, followed by an OG from Andy Gray off the ‘keeper, the original Deano and a late one from Paul Rogers.

In the intervening years, I have never seen a Blades side dismantle a ‘very good’ (Mabbutt, Anderton, Sheringham et al) Premier League team to that extent. I left the ground almost gobsmacked, I can only really relate it to when we went 2-0 against the Man U at the lane this season, this was the team that couldn’t string 3 passes together (Grandad), couldn’t buy a win (Grandad) and didn’t have a clue (Guess who).

Looking back, the team were all British, had a fantastic spirit and upset the establishment (Bassett went onto win the inaugural LMA award, Deano first goal of the Premier League etc) striking similarities with today in terms of camaraderie and relationship between players, staff and fans (apart from Grandad). Deano and ‘Jock’ Bryson were now my hero’s and I could finally stick it back to the SWFC fans at school who had been lording it and celebrating their playground goals with cries of Hirsty and Waddle… Little was I to know what was to come later on in the year (it still hurts to recall).

It’s this recent resurgence that has compelled me to put pen to paper, all of the five, six and seven year olds going to the lane now need to enjoy players like Fleck, Sharp and Basham. Let’s hope that they never have to experience the relative doldrums of the old third division, experience magical games at the lane and can forever look down on our porcine neighbours…

Sheffield United 6-0 Tottenham Hotspur (March 1993)

Goalscorers: Franz Carr 13, Andy Gray 21 OG, Ian Bryson 28, 29, Brian Deane 73, Paul Rogers 87

Sheffield United: Alan Kelly, John Pemberton, Kevin Gage, Charlie Hartfield, David Barnes (Paul Rogers 70), Franz Carr, Ian Bryson (Alan Cork 80), Brian Gayle, Glyn Hodges, Brian Deane, Jamie Hoyland

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