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The Dem Blades family: an open letter

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

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The Dem Blades family: an open letter

Hi, everyone. Pretty intense few weeks, eh?

When I joined the Dem Blades team as an editor, I was looking forward to getting stuck in, writing my regular pieces while enjoying the stellar creative endeavours of the country’s most productive fanbase. I wanted to read (even) more odes to Lundstram. I was looking forward to seeing how many articles referred to Chris Wilder as Sir Christopher (hint: it was the majority). Even one night, when I was horrendously behind schedule and a few hours from print deadline, I still took time to re-read my favourite pieces. You’re a special bunch.

We’ve edited Issue 5. It’s in the bag, and we’re on the design phase. We were on track to publish at the end of March, and for it to be in your letterboxes soon after. This, like our European push, has obviously been slightly delayed. This doesn’t mean, however, that the certified-quality produce from Dem Blades Towers will not be coming to you on a regular basis.

If we’re stuck at home, we might as well entertain you all. So, from today, expect a bit of escapism to appear on the website every 2-3 days. I’m talking about 1980s away days, memories of triumph and disaster, analysis of the current team, along with regular editions of “My First Game” and a deep dive into the should-have-been-award-winning 2005 documentary, Warnock. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

If you have some time on your thoroughly washed hands, we’re looking for writers to join our roster. You can be anyone: if you have a passion for the Blades and a good story to tell, we want you. The best part of Dem Blades, to me, is the community - and community is what we all need right now.

Speaking of community, we want to help Sheffield’s businesses during a difficult time for them. If you know of any local businesses that might appreciate a bit of free advertising, please let us know on Twitter or at We’ll be highlighting a business at the top of each article we publish from now until things get a little easier for everyone.

So, no nights out in Sheffield for the time being. It’s up to all of us to stop this thing in its tracks, like a pinpoint Egan interception. As for Dem Blades, let us alleviate a bit of the isolation with a cornucopia of quality football-related content.

Up the Blades.



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