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What the opposition saw | Leicester City (H)

This week Phil Holloway from 100%LCFC shares his view on the Blades' 1-2 defeat by Leicester City.

Did you go to the game? How did you like Bramall Lane?

Great Traditional Ground, intimidating atmosphere and some real big noise from the home crowd.

As a spectacle, what would you give the game out of 10?

Plenty of chances, either team could have won it. 8/10

Rate your teams and Sheffield United's performance out of 10

Thought City edged it 8/10 but United have already shown they can survive this season 7/10.

What were your overall thoughts on the game, and was it a fair result?

Game reminded me of when Leicester first got promoted. We used to hate seeing the “premier” teams do the “premier” things... like players going down a bit easy, winning free kicks in dangerous places. We hated seeing it done to us. But now we do it to team like United. Maddison, won a few, he goes down a bit easy, but that’s the Prem. United need to accept it and learn fast. Over all, our 5 years of Prem experience edged the match for us. United Plan B attack raised the crowd, and im sure United WILL do well this season. You don’t need to beat Leicester to stay up, but you will need to beat the bottom half of the league. This season for United is all about staying up. Thats all Leicester did. Stay up this one season and build from there.

What did you make to Sheffield United's style of play, what were our strengths and weaknesses, did you overcome them?

Grit and determination ! Great to see. 2nd half you had a great go. But our 2nd goal pulled the rug from under you. Its a harsh unforgiving league.

Who were Sheffield United's key men? Who impressed you most?

I thought Billy Sharp coming on changed the game for you. It raised the crowd. Suddenly HE gave the fans belief.

Will the Blades stay up this season, yes or no?

Just YES !! But that’s good enough !

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